Consulting Services are aimed at providing Asset evaluation using unique integrated approaches and provide auditing and QC. The primary focus is on Brown fields and the main fields are in G&G with expertise in core analysis, geochemistry, Petro physics and Reservoir Engineering.

Xross Technology has formed an alliance between several companies each providing state of the art technology to asset management from seismic monitoring and QC to pre-FEED facility design and petroleum economics. Xross Technology panel of experts, hold vast variety of global expertise over several decades to successfully address complicated reservoir evaluation and mature-field hidden potential.

Areas of expertise are:
Reservoir Characterization:
  • Geochemistry integration for exploration and field development applications.
  • Seismic Interpretation.
  • Stratigraphic traps identification and evaluation.
  • Complex Carbonate reservoir characterization.
  • Core analysis program planning, QC and interpretation.
  • Advance Formation Evaluation (Electrofacies and Rock Typing).
  • Low Resistivity pay.
  • Ancient Core SCAL evaluation.
  • Bypassed oil.
  • Unconventional Asset Evaluation.
  • Heavy Oil viscosity mapping using Biostratigraphy.
  • Tar identification and mapping.
Reservoir Management:
  • Reservoir Simulation.
  • Reservoir Optimization.
  • Unconventional Asset Evaluation.
Production Enhancement:
  • Production Enhancement: EOR planning & implementation.
  • Bypassed oil.
  • Heavy Oil viscosity mapping using Biostratigraphy.


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